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Work… life… balance…. vs Time… Cultural… Identity

First of all, How You doin? 😝 Wait~ hold you thoughts… now im dancing for this event~ it just a long due post for an #appreciation post..

Well this month (April) is my birthday month (yay to me!), and just want to share some of the craziest and happy news I received and also showing my blog reader what is ‘cooking’ in the kitchen….

the road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.

I just wanted to share the very good news and most probably one of the best birthday present i received~ after years of sweat and tears… i finally got it! I got promoted to senior lecturer (DM52)

Felt so good and relieved~

I just wanted to give a big hug and love to these three amazing women.. my former KPP Pn amy (she also got promoted to Deputy Dean now), and my crazy kak dot (who got promoted as well to DM52) and kak uni (which now is my new KPP)… these three ladies are the one who have been taking good care of me while im in UiTM and make sure I behave like im supposed to…😈👻

Now moving on next~ I have new class schedule! Do come join me!😊😊

Ermm what else… i think im saving it to next post!

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