• I love a good work out especially with those who shared the same passion. Last week was well spent with awesome members from my zumba classes. I don't have lots of Zumba classes like most of the instructors out there

  • Awesome crowd tonight! The energy was to the roof! Class tonight was on fire πŸ”₯ It felt like a mini masterclass already πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ» (even tho it was a normal class). [video ] Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart that

  • Thank you Steve! For always being such inspiration! Zumba session last week with the cool lecturers from Faculty of Business Management, UiTM Shah Alam! Thank you to the lecturer's association for inviting to share the love of zumba to everyone:-) #renovaday #zumba

I would highly recommend Azroz for any Graphic Design work or Event Production. Azroz can assess problems with extraordinary skill and find creative solutions with an expert eye for detail. In particular, his management of photography and invitations was exceptional.

Elizabeth Santoro

Business Manager, David Monn LLC

Azroz was one of the finest people I have ever worked with. He was detail oriented and was able to complete tasks on time. He not only followed direction exceptionally well but also was extremely creative. He was professional, kind, and talented. He is a true visionary and any company would be lucky to have him.

Adine Bhumitra

Sales Operation Manager Arjay Wireless

Azroz is an extremely conscientous person who works hard to provide the best; his work reflects that and consequently he is ne of thetop people I know in the area.

Prof J. Ches Skinner

Azroz was an absolute pleasure to work with. His positive and proactive approach was a great asset to the whole team. Precision, attention to detail and his creative eye are key to his success

Elissa Capizzi - Taylor

Event Manager at Fieldfisher

Azroz and the work he produces is nothing less than amazing! Any company would be lucky to have him as a member of their team and I am confident that you would be blown away by his professionalism, charisma and, most importantly, the superb quality of his work. Azroz truly is an asset.

Stanley Shavers III

Event Planner & Executive Assistant Professional

May I recommend Azroz for discipline, insight, dedication, creative genius and team leader, team member excellence. He is an asset to every undertaking. Thank you Azroz for always contributing and always excelling!

Dr Mary McBride

Partner, Strategies for Planned Change

Azroz is creative as well as analytical - a winning combination to excel. He is also a team player, yet progressive, confident and firm in his ideas & belief - which will make him a crucial part of any group. Self driven, he can complete a task with minimal supervision.

Farah Wagimin

Owner, Screenworks International Sdn Bhd